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“Sleep Genius” Reveals Navy SEALs Sleeping Secrets!
Learn how to have the best sleep of your life and perform like a Navy SEAL!

The Sleep Genius™

Rob is a former Navy SEAL and world class sleep coach. He has transformed the lives of hundreds of sleep clients and has worked with some of the most difficult cases. Whether you are a professional athlete or the CEO of a fortune 100 company, Rob can help you get the edge on life by optimizing sleep.

Sleep Coaching

Increase your physical and mental performance.

Learn techniques used with Navy SEALs. 1:1 coaching with the sleep genius, Rob Sweetman. This option is designed for individuals who must have optimized sleep.

Sleep Workshop

Improve your bottom line and have your team love you for it.

Rob will fly out to your location and host a workshop with your staff on sleep to improve job performance, profitability and personal health. Learn from a Navy SEAL. Learn from the best.

Sleep Program for Veterans & First-Responders

You served our country, now let us serve you.

Are you a Veteran or First-Responder? Check out our non-profit built just for you.

Free Breathing Exercises

Robert offers free breathing techniques on his Insight Timer Channel.



From staying awake for more than 5 days in Navy SEAL training, to long hours on deployments, to writing research papers on Sleep Science in Graduate School, Robert has experienced every level of sleep.


In 2018, Robert invented the Virtual Sleep Environment - A fully immersive Sleep Pod that can control your circadian rhythms.


In 2020, Rob invented the Rest Node, a circadian rhythm machine that anyone can use.


In 2022, Rob co-founded the SIXTY TWO ROMEO Sleep Program for Veterans and First-Responders.

In 2023, the Sleep Genius opened this private practice to help you with your sleep needs.

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