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Individual Sleep Coaching


Rob, former Navy SEAL, will teach you the secrets to getting great sleep.


 1:1 sleep coaching can be done over Zoom or in person.

Over the course of six weeks, you will be trained to sleep like a professional.

Defeat insomnia and bad sleep habits. Build discipline.

You will feel better and perform at your best.

Learn from the best to be the best.

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Real Results

"This is the disciplined approach to sleep."

Jason Tuschen, Navy SEAL Command Master Chief (Ret), CEO of SyLabs, Inc.

A Stoic Approach to Sleep

No more complaining. Time to perform in the top 1%.

Stop making excuses why you can't be your best. Over the course of six weeks, we will reshape your sleep together. You will learn techniques that will last you the rest of your life. Only select individuals will be accepted.

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Sleep Facts

Sleep is directly related to your lifetime earning potential.

Poor sleep is linked to increased rates of heart disease, cancer, hypertension and dementia.

Poor sleep reduces testosterone production and muscle repair.

Poor sleep leads to decreased productivity, more mistakes, and emotional instability.

Working for 20 hours straight will give you the same cognitive performance as a legally drunk person.

Poor sleep affects your weight by shifting leptin and grelin hormones.

Poor sleep reduces your emotional intelligence and ability to read facial expressions.

Sleep health is inextricable linked to mental health. Poor sleep health can lead to a mental break down, depression or suicidal thoughts.

People say "I can sleep when I'm dead." Unfortunately your lifespan is linked to the quality of your sleep.

More about Rob

Since Rob left the SEAL teams, he has dedicated his life to the service of others. After losing his friend, Ryan Larkin, to suicide, he committed himself to the study of sleep and human performance. 

Robert's ability to listen and understand each person's problems sets him apart from all other people. He is a world class coach who has the most effective approach to improving sleep. Read one of Rob's first papers on sleep in graduate school.

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